Just got done from today…just sat down…great turn out..thanks to all that helped to make this day great. I love ocala and all the love that was there today! Raised almost $27,000 today! Great job guys!

– Rondo

kaedyn-loveWe are so HAPPY to announce that the Swamp Brothers (Robbie & @Stephen Keszey), along with Albert Roberts, will be attending our event “Ribs for Kids” March 2nd at Mojo’s grill in Ocala. The boys will be signing autographs and handling some not so friendly reptiles in Kaedyn Love’s honor. As some of you may know Kaedyn wants to grow into a strong man and wrestle alligators like these guys one day. (not hurt them of course wink wink) I JUST WANT TO SAY A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO ROBBIE, STEPHEN, & AL YOU’RE AWESOME FOR DOING THIS!!!!

Kaedyn is not the only one the fundraiser is for.  There are 4 really great kids (Kaedyn, Ayden, Jalen and Alyssa) that are so deserving of a clean bill of health and this will most certainly help them get there!!