On The Chitlin’ Circuit will be a narrated Blues show featuring authentic blues from the Chitlin Circuit. The famous Lou Rawls said it best “For years I played night clubs, working the Chitlin’ Circuit. These clubs were very small, very tight, and very crowded. Everything was poor accept the entertainment. The only way to establish communication was by telling a story that would lead into the song that would catch people’s attention. Preston Lauterbach says “The Chitlin’ Circuit was African-Americans making something beautiful out of something ugly, whether it’s making cuisine out of hog intestines or making world-class entertainment despite being excluded from all of the world-class venues, all of the fancy white clubs and all the first-rate white theaters.” We hope to tell the story of back then when good music and storytelling made ya just enough money for an order of chitlins but you did it for the love of the blues.

All Proceeds will go to Ocala Outreach Foundation’s “Feed the Need” Project!